We Were Fools For Thinking It Was Going To Be Fun
2019 - Plural Authorship Collective


Title: We Were Fools For Thinking It Was Going To Be Fun
Year: 2019
Premiere: 9 Nov 2019
Original language: English
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) & the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government


The film follows the turbulent road trip of the artists Aay and Zed, as they tour a new performance piece across the US. They capture the daily joys and tensions of their friendship and collaboration through the lenses of their phones as they struggle to live up to their mantras of feminist empowerment. Dressed in matching outfits there is no escape from each other or from the expectations they set for themselves as artists. Their delusional optimism soon fades as they are faced with each other’s insecurities and have to fight to stay connected.


Director Plural Authorship Collective
Producer Brecht Van Elslande
Writer Plural Authorship Collective
Photography:Plural Authorship Collective (Aay Liparoto & Zed Morales)
Music:Shut Eye of Stealing Sheep, Vltava Composed by Bedrich Smetana , Performed by Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, with Jiří Bělohlávek
Editing:Febe Simoens
Cast:Plural Authorship Collective (Aay Liparoto & Zed Morales)
Sound:Aïda Merghoub & Hélène Clerc-Denizot

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