Waiting Working Hours
2019 - Ben De Raes


Director: Ben De Raes
Producers: Ellen De Waele, Elisa Heene
Writer: Ben De Raes
Category: Shorts, Docs, Experimental

Title: Waiting Working Hours
Year: 2019
Premiere: 26 Sep 2019
Original language: French, Romanian, Pular, Arabic
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), VGC


In Waiting Working Hours, the voices of the workers are mixed with digital Google Street View images. Their testimonies, in a multitude of languages, form a constructed dialogue about labour, economics and life. In the immobile world of Google Street View, we are reminded of the standstill that the workers experience when they are waiting for hours. Together with the workers, Waiting Working Hours examines and questions their current situation, their thoughts on labour and their dreams for the future.


Director Ben De Raes
Producers Ellen De Waele , Elisa Heene
Writer Ben De Raes
Editing:Constanze Wouters
Cast:Anonymous workers of the Diksmuidelaan
Sound:Ben De Raes, Achilles Van den Abeele

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