2015 - Leonardo Van Dijl


Title: Umpire
Year: 2015
Premiere: 18 Oct 2015
Original language: Dutch, French
Supported by: Sabam


Axelle, a promising young tennis player, is left in increasing desperation when she learns that her attentive coach Jeremy has been detained for further questioning. While rumours and emotions fly, Axelle secretly harbours her deep-felt emotions awaiting their reunion. When Jeremy is permanently removed from her life, Axelle must accept that her silence was not enough to save her hero. For the first time in her life she experiences the loss of love...


Director Leonardo Van Dijl
Producers Leonardo Van Dijl , Maïté Spaenjers
Writer Leonardo Van Dijl
Photography:Wim Vanswijgenhoven
Music:Senjan Jansen
Editing:Tom Denoyette
Cast:Benjamin Ramon, Lilith Kempynck, Mirthe Tavernier, Alexandra Lymarev, Laurence Roothooft, Ivana Jozic
Sound:Senjan Jansen

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