2018 - Bregtje van der Haak


Director: Bregtje van der Haak
Producer: Hanne Phlypo
Writer: Bregtje van der Haak
Category: Docs

Title: Ubiquity
Year: 2018
Premiere: 26 Apr 2018
Original language: Dutch, English, French, Swedish
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


Some people get ill from the radiation caused by the digital networks that surround us. Will there be a place left on the planet for them as the web closes in on us to connect anyone, anywhere, anytime? How does it feel to be caught in an invisible web of electro smog? Ubiquity is a feature documentary by Bregtje van der Haak.


Director Bregtje van der Haak
Producer Hanne Phlypo
Writer Bregtje van der Haak
Photography:Jean Counet, Maasja Ooms
Music:Juho Nurmela
Editing:Xander Nijsten
Sound:Rik Meier, Sam Huisman, Tim van Peppen, Mark Wessner

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