Two Travellers to a River
2018 - Johan Grimonprez


Director: Johan Grimonprez
Producer: Daan Milius
Writer: Mahmoud Darwish
Category: Shorts, Docs, Experimental

Title: Two Travellers to a River
Year: 2018
Original language: Arabic


When asked a question on politics, late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish once answered: “I write about love to expose the conditions that don’t allow me to write about love.” In Two Travellers to a River, Palestinian actress Manal Khader recites such a poem by Darwish: a concise reflection on how things could have been.


Director Johan Grimonprez
Producer Daan Milius
Writer Mahmoud Darwish
Photography:Nicole Mackinlay Hah
Music:Karsten Fundal
Cast:Manal Khader
Sound:Rayan Obeidine

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