2019 - Anna Eborn


Director: Anna Eborn
Producer: Hanne Phlypo
Writer: Anna Eborn
Category: Docs

Title: Transnistra
Year: 2019
Premiere: 26 Jan 2019
Original language: Moldovian, Ukrainian, Russian
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), CCA, Eurimages, Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute


The latest film from award-winning director Anna Eborn (Pine Ridge, Lida), Transnistra is set in the self-appointed nation Transnistria (Priednestrovia), a narrow strip of land adjacent to Ukraine, where, against an unforgiving landscape of Soviet heritage, a group of 16-year-olds search for safety, freedom and meaning. A naturalistic and humane documentary feature, Transnistra charts a narrative from a sweltering, carefree summer through an unforgiving winter, as each of the film’s disparate characters learn to understand each other’s hopes and needs.

The film’s focus largely falls on Tanya, a headstrong and caring young woman who spends her time among a ragtag group of young males, each of whom seem to be in love with her, and while treating her as one of their own, alternately vye for her affections and wisdom. Having not completed their school studies and unable to find work, the small crew spend their time exploring abandoned construction sites, often scaling structures with a daredevil sensibility and a youthful carelessness. As they descend to great lakes and spots of overgrown natural beauty, they discuss their hopes and dreams in good humour, soaking in the sun and each other.


2019: Big Screen Award - International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL); Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary - Göteborg Film Festival (SE); Oslo Grand Pix: Nordic Documentary - Oslo Pix International Film Festival (NO); Winner International Competition - Porto/Post/Doc Film & Media Festival (PT)


Director Anna Eborn
Producer Hanne Phlypo
Writer Anna Eborn
Photography:Virginie Surdej
Music:Walter Hus
Editing:Anna Eborn
Cast:Tanya, Tolya, Sasha, Burulya, Denis, Dima, Valentina & Vanya

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