2018 - Anastasia Zolkina


Director: Anastasia Zolkina
Producers: Gawan Fagard, Gwendolyn Lootens
Writer: Anastasia Zolkina
Category: Shorts

Title: Transit
Year: 2018
Premiere: 11 May 2018
Original language: English
Supported by: Kunstenfestivaldesarts


This is the story of an endless journey. One episode from the life of a traveller who has to leave his past life behind once again and make a new future with no regrets. One part of the journey ends and another one begins on the central train station in Antwerp. It is the border crossing which is a much harder choice to make than it initially appears to be.


Director Anastasia Zolkina
Producers Gawan Fagard , Gwendolyn Lootens
Writer Anastasia Zolkina
Photography:Kevin Kola, Gohram Baloch
Editing:Anastasia Zolkina
Cast:Anastasia Zolkina
Sound:Jean-Noël Boissé

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