The Tears of Things
2020 - Kate Voet


Director: Kate Voet
Producers: Peter Bouckaert, Kate Voet
Writer: Kate Voet
Category: Shorts

Title: The Tears of Things
Year: 2020
Original language:
Supported by: Senstudio, Soundbeagles, Spots Unlimited, Lucky Cameras, CQN Grip Rental


Two conflicted lovers revisit and re-enact moments from their own life, hoping to give meaning to the story they once shared.


Director Kate Voet
Producers Peter Bouckaert , Kate Voet
Writer Kate Voet
Photography:Victor Maes
Music:Senjan Jansen
Cast:Lydia Indjova, Jakub Kotynski
Art director:Maud Gyssels
Costume:Heide Vanderieck
Make up:Lena Dobbels, Marlies Van Rompay
Sound:Yanna Soentjens

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