Tempo of a Restless Soul
2009 - Manu Riche, Renaat Lambeets


Title: Tempo of a Restless Soul
Year: 2009
Original language: Dutch
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Canvas


Public figure Tom Barman hardly needs introduction: he is the frontman of rock band dEUS, musical factotum and the man behind the 0110 happening against the ultra-right. However the extrovert artist - who enchants, seduces and inspires – hardly ever bares his soul. Klaas Janszoon, Barman’s longtime companion at dEUS, says: “After all these years I still believe that I get to know Tom more from his lyrics than from what he says to me.” Tempo of a Restless Soul aims to reveal the heart of the man.


Directors Manu Riche, Renaat Lambeets
Producers Renaat Lambeets , Kristel Dotremont
Writers Manu Riche , Renaat Lambeets
Photography:Renaat Lambeets
Editing:Frédéric Castiau
Flemish producer:Kristel Dotremont, Renaat Lambeet

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