Safety First
2015 - Tim Van Aelst


Director: Tim Van Aelst
Producers: Lies Lahousse, Sofie Peeters
Writers: Tim Van Aelst, David Vennix
Category: Features

Title: Safety First
Year: 2015
Premiere: 16 Dec 2015
Original language: Dutch
Supported by: Screen Flanders


In Safety First, four security guards are going to work at the world-famous dance festival Tomorrowland. While there, Luc discovers that Dirk has feelings for... a man. But no one believes him (Ingrid promised Dirk she would keep his secret many years ago and Smos is busy trying to launch his own dance hit). Luc, however, is determined to prove that Dirk is gay.


2015: Cavaria Media Award - Cavaria (BE)


Director Tim Van Aelst
Producers Lies Lahousse , Sofie Peeters
Writers Tim Van Aelst , David Vennix
Photography:Pieter Van Alphen
Music:Mario Goossens, David Poltrock
Editing:Mathieu Depuydt
Cast:Bruno Vanden Broecke, Matteo Simoni, Ruth Beeckmans, Ben Segers, Tom Van Dyck
Sound:Kris Vermeylen, Gonzo
Costume:Melissa Fellahi
Make up:Anaïs Wagner

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