Petit Ami
2017 - Anthony Schatteman


Director: Anthony Schatteman
Producer: Sven Spur
Writer: Anthony Schatteman
Category: Shorts

Title: Petit Ami
Year: 2017
Premiere: 5 Dec 2017
Original language: Dutch


Christmas Eve in the obscure rendezvous hotel Petit Ami. Twenty-year-old Jasper meets the older, mysterious Vincent. For Jasper this is a date like any other, but then he discovers the secret that Vincent carries with him…


Director Anthony Schatteman
Producer Sven Spur
Writer Anthony Schatteman
Photography:Ruben Appeltans
Music:Benjamien Lycke
Editing:Thijs Van Nuffel
Cast:Ezra Fieremans, Thomas Ryckewaert
Costume:Gudrun Wylleman
Art director:Charles Bockaert
Make up:Muriëlle Vercruysse
Sound:Sven Dehandschutter

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