Many Heavens
2017 - Jan Matthys


Director: Jan Matthys
Producers: Frank Van Passel, Helena Vlogaert
Writer: Griet Op De Beeck
Category: Features

Title: Many Heavens
Original title: Vele hemels
Year: 2017
Premiere: 7 Nov 2017
Original language: Dutch
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Screen Flanders, City of Antwerp, Dutch Film Fund, Dutch Production Incentive, Creative Europe Media


Eva is always ready to save the world. Solid as a rock, she’s there for her teenage niece, her quarrelling parents and her besotted sister – all the time. She is a champion of giving, except toherself. Indeed behind her wide smile and immense empathy lurks a growing, gnawing loneliness. In Many Heavens, five people are more at odds with themselves than with each other, navigating an existence that is simultaneously ridiculously beautiful and terribly tricky. A film about obstacles that grow into mountains and having the courage to choose your own happiness.


2017: Public Price - Hoornse Filmdagen (NL)


Director Jan Matthys
Producers Frank Van Passel , Helena Vlogaert
Writer Griet Op De Beeck
Photography:Stijn Van Der Veken
Editing:Joris Brouwers
Cast:Brit Van Hoof, Viviane De Muynck, Sara De Roo, Koen De Graeve, Herman Gillis, Peter Seynaeve
Sound:Peter Flamman
Art director:Bart Van Loo
Costume:Charlotte Willems
Make up:Mariel Hoevenaars

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