The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do
2017 - Juanita Onzaga


Director: Juanita Onzaga
Producer: LUCA School of Arts
Writer: Juanita Onzaga
Category: Shorts, Docs, Experimental

Title: The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do
Year: 2017
Original language: Spanish
Supported by: Sabam, Le Bij, Cheval Deux Trois, Cobalt films, Mario Grande


Colombia is a land of ghosts. Two siblings roam these mystical landscapes in search of their dead father's spirit. Their journey takes them from Bogota to the Colombian jungle, through realms of thought and deep into their haunted dreams. Here they will find some answers and attract unexpected company.


2018: Special Mention - International Competition, ZagrebDox International Documentary Festival (HR)

2017: Special Prize of the International Jury, Generation 14+ Best Short Film - Berlin International Film Festival (DE); Best Fiction Short Film - LASFIBA (ES); Special Mention Best International Short - Reykjavik International Film Festival (IS)

2016: VAF Wildcard - Documentary (BE)


Director Juanita Onzaga
Producer LUCA School of Arts
Writer Juanita Onzaga
Photography:Juanita Onzaga
Music:Senjan Jansen, Lucho Quintanilla
Editing:Mira Matthew, Juanita Onzaga
Cast:Pablo Rodríguez Onzaga, Andrés Rodríguez Gacharna, Tania López
Sound:Jeremy Bocquet, Thomas Noël

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