I Watched the White Dogs of the Dawn
2018 - Els Dietvorst


Director: Els Dietvorst
Producer: Ulrike Lindmayr
Writer: Els Dietvorst
Category: Docs, Experimental

Title: I Watched the White Dogs of the Dawn
Year: 2018
Premiere: 22 Jan 2018
Original language: English
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


Sound. A polyphony of wind, breaking waves, shrieking gulls, and rattling ships. The sea: a place of memories for those who survive her; a mother who confronts us with the powers of nature. Circulating and all-encompassing. Beneath her horizon there is only darkness and mystery. The separation of air and water creates a different world. A place where other rules and other laws apply.

In Kilmore Quay, the perspective of the fish is the only one that matters. Generations of fishermen caught lobsters, oysters, and cod there. They believed that their work was a kind of prayer and only caught enough to survive, to spare the sea. Times were good. There was plenty of money andplenty of work - until the European fisheries quotas arrived on their shores.


2018: Prix Anthropologie et développement durable - Festival International Jean Rouch (FR)


Director Els Dietvorst
Producer Ulrike Lindmayr
Writer Els Dietvorst
Photography:Hans Bruch Jr.
Sound:Kwinten Van Laethem

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