I Feel Your Eyes
2019 - Grégoire Verbeke


Director: Grégoire Verbeke
Producer: Grégoire Verbeke
Writer: Grégoire Verbeke
Category: Shorts, Docs

Title: I Feel Your Eyes
Year: 2019
Original language: Arabic
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


As the sun rises above a forgotten pyramid, Mahmoud saddles his horse Asefa beside a desert race track. This is how they prepare for their daily training. Friday, all eyes will be on them. Mahmoud feels the fear inside him. Will he be able to win the race one more time?


Director Grégoire Verbeke
Producer Grégoire Verbeke
Writer Grégoire Verbeke
Photography:Grégoire Verbeke
Editing:Grégoire Verbeke
Cast:Asefa, Mahmoud Sayyed Al Baraasi, Shahhat Al Naggar, Hisham Atwa Al Tahawy, Ahmed Shahhat Al Naggar
Sound:Mohab Ezz

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