2019 - Charlotte Lybaert


Title: Gyre
Year: 2019
Premiere: 12 Oct 2019
Original language: Dutch


Alice finds it difficult to find her place in the group and blames her friend. Trivial incidents seem to leave their mark. Gradually, Alice loses contact with the world around her. Her reality takes on a dark tone. A fiction short about an experience; about how small things can have a big impact.


2019: Best Debut - Leuven International Short Film Competition (BE); VAF Wildcard Fiction (BE)


Director Charlotte Lybaert
Producer Charlotte Lybaert
Writers Charlotte Lybaert , Tijmen Govaerts
Photography:Maxime Lahousse
Music:Nils Vermeulen
Editing:Febe Simoens
Cast:Alice de Broqueville, Maïmouna Badjie
Art director:Silke De Rycke
Costume:Febe Van de Vaert
Make up:Fedia Holail
Sound:Wolf Doyen

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