The Origin of Sound
2018 - Toon Loenders, Paul Driessen, Kris Van Alphen


Title: The Origin of Sound
Year: 2018
Premiere: 8 Apr 2018
Original language: English
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), NFF


Genesis, the seventh day, early in the morning. The Creator realises he forgot to add sound to the world! He starts fixing this by using his weird collection of animated cartoons. But this is not to the liking of his creatures…


Directors Toon Loenders, Paul Driessen, Kris Van Alphen
Producers Geert Van Goethem , Linda Sterckx
Writer Paul Driessen
Photography:Danny Elsen
Editing:Ewin Ryckaert
Cast:Herwig Ilegems, Danie Jordens, Adelheid vander Meulen
Sound:Bob Kommer Studios
Art director:Paul Driessen
Costume:Ann Lauwerys
Make up:Diana Dreesen

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