Charlie and Hannah's Grand Night Out
2017 - Bert Scholiers


Director: Bert Scholiers
Producers: Tomas Leyers, Marc Goyens
Writer: Bert Scholiers
Category: Features

Title: Charlie and Hannah's Grand Night Out
Original title: Charlie en Hannah gaan uit
Year: 2017
Premiere: 20 Oct 2017
Original language: Dutch, Italian
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), CFWB


Antwerp. An evening in March. Charlie and Hannah, two girls in their mid-twenties, are strolling through the city. Charlie is witty, inaccessible and - in her own words - fundamentally dialectic. Hannah is chatty, neurotic, always hungry and always in love. Things take an unexpected turn when one of the girls conjures magical candy that makes body parts talk, pineapples fly and through which a trip to another galaxy becomes the easiest thing in the world. A film about all the anxieties, contradictions and portions of gin and tonic which shape life at 26, and about that magic nocturnal moment in which anything can happen. Plus a few stolen kisses.


Director Bert Scholiers
Producers Tomas Leyers , Marc Goyens
Writer Bert Scholiers
Photography:Hans Bruch Jr
Music:Chrisnanne Wiegel
Editing:Nico Leunen, Thomas Pooters
Cast:Daphne Wellens, Evelien Bosmans, Patrick Vervueren

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