Buck S01E07
2018 - Douglas Boswell


Title: Buck
Year: 2018
Premiere: 10 Dec 2018
Original language: Dutch
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


Buck is a 15-minute television series in which the relationship between Elias and Buck is central. In this story we follow the inconspicuous and uncertain Elias who struggles with his life as a pubescent teenager. He finds distraction in a computer game in which his digital hero commander Buck never lets him down. When he plays, he doesn't have to worry about his two older sisters, his single mother,  bully Dylan, the new school -  in short, the world. In his room no one hurts him, until one day when he finds Buck standing next to his bed. From then on nothing is as it was before!

Buck is primarily a dramedy for the youth. In this coming-of-age story, we follow Elias’ change into a confident teenagerwho dares to be who he is. Someone who dares to take it up against the school bully. Someone who lets his heart speak to the girl of his dreams... Obviously, this development is one of trial and error: sometimes painful, sometimes funny, but always real.


Director Douglas Boswell
Producers Kris Spaepen , Serge Bierset
Writers Bart Vaessen , Steve De Wilde
Music:Bart Ketelaere
Editing:Jan Bockaert, Jan Tratsaert, Bart De Clerck
Cast:Robbert Vervloet, Bram Spooren, Tine Roggeman, Ina De Winne, Ini Massez, Annabet Ampofo, Leonard Santos, Nathan Gybels, Jo Tambuyzer
Art director:Pieter Van de Putte
Costume:Nathalie De Cooman
Make up:Eddy Servaes
Sound:Stefaan De Bisschop

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