2018 - Flo Van Deuren


Director: Flo Van Deuren
Producer: Flo Van Deuren
Writer: Flo Van Deuren
Category: Shorts

Title: Bamboe
Year: 2018
Premiere: 13 Oct 2018
Original language: Dutch


Bamboo plants only bloom once but if one does, all nearby plants follow suit. The same thing happens to a bunch of 13-year-old girls who are spending their summer days on an abandoned piece of land, overgrown by bamboo. When a mysterious man arrives, one by one they let go of their carefree summer.


2018: Second place - Student Competition Audience Award - Film Fest Gent (BE)

2017: Student Pitch Award - Film Festival Oostende (BE)


Director Flo Van Deuren
Producer Flo Van Deuren
Writer Flo Van Deuren
Photography:Jannes De Leest, Maël Robijns
Music:Aiko Devriendt
Editing:Lawrence Paul Foley
Cast:Lotte Peeters, Fleur Van Bergen, Roos Zijlstra, Anne Coopman, Anne-Sophie Marx, Pauline Bas, Lauren Van Houtven, Yenthe Van Houtven, Frits Deruyter, Leonardo De Souza
Art director:Louise Frateur
Costume:Anthe Hermans
Sound:Renzy Saerens

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