Back to Utopia
2016 - Fabio Wuytack


Title: Back to Utopia
Year: 2016
Premiere: 5 Nov 2016
Original language: English
Supported by: the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), NFF, Centre du cinema et de l audiovisuel de la federation Wallonie Bruxelles


The 500-year-old book 'Utopia' takes us on a journey through today’s world. What starts as a quest for an original medieval print stolen by the Naples Mafia in 2012 in turns into a quest for the meaning of the book. In a unique blend of fiction and documentary, Back to Utopia tells the story of journalist Alex Dillen and his professor Panludic… A story about past choices and future decisions.


Director Fabio Wuytack
Producers Fabio Wuytack , Geert Heymans
Writers Fabio Wuytack , Lyall Watson , Colin Percy
Photography:local DOP for every international location
Music:Dirk Brossé
Editing:Thomas Vandecasteele
Cast:Johan Leysen, John Hurt, Steffie Van Cauter, Toon Mondelaers
Costume:Annelies Bruneel
Make up:Nathalie Mercier
Sound:local sound recordist for every international location

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