Back to Rwanda S01E01
2019 - Johannes Bucher, Mik Cops, Steven Crombez, Stev Van Thielen


Title: Back to Rwanda
Original title: Terug naar Rwanda
Year: 2019
Premiere: 25 Mar 2019
Original language: Dutch, French, Kinyarwanda, English
Supported by: VAF/Media Fund


Back to Rwanda is a documentary series about the Rwandan Genocide told in 5 personal stories. 25 years ago in this seemingly tropical paradise in 100 days roughly 800.000 Tutsi en moderate Hutu were brutally killed. Each of the episodes tells the story of people sharing the same past, but having experienced it from different point of views. We work towards a meeting or confrontation between those key witnesses. They have influenced each other’s lives – and possibly made a difference between life and death – which meant we couldn’t predict how these meetings would evolve.


Directors Johannes Bucher, Mik Cops, Steven Crombez, Stev Van Thielen
Producer Sofie Despeer
Writers Harald Hauben , Mik Cops , Joost Vandensande , Steven Crombez
Photography:Ken Kamanayo Gengoux
Editing:Neel Cockx
Sound:Toon Echelpoels

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Back to Rwanda - S01E01
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