2016 - Charlotte Dewulf


Director: Charlotte Dewulf
Producer: Jean-Luc Dewulf
Writers: Henry Disotuar, Charlotte Dewulf
Category: Shorts

Title: Ampersand
Year: 2016
Original language: Dutch


In a time before the past and after the future there is a town where words are something physical. In this town you can drink words like you drink wine or orange juice. Before you can speak you have to drink a bottle of words. You can buy these words in small talk cafes. Ampersand works in one of these small talk cafe's. The one his father Per Mil ownes. He helps with serving the clients and filling the racks. One day Cedille comes in. Ampersand can't believe his eyes, she looks so special and wonderful! Sadly he doesn't have the words to tell her this because his father forbids him to drink words because he believes words only cause harm en misunderstandings. The handsome tailer Apostrof drinks a lot of 'Lies' and 'Bragging' and that seems to work with the rich ladies. Maybe he should try to do the same or is his father right about the words?


2017: Audience Award - National Filmfestival for Talented Youth (US)


Director Charlotte Dewulf
Producer Jean-Luc Dewulf
Writers Henry Disotuar , Charlotte Dewulf
Photography:Bart Van Otterdijk
Music:Hans Mullens
Editing:Samuel Faict
Cast:Tiemen Van Haver, Celine Verbeeck, Joren Seldeslachts, Carry Goossens
Art director:Charlotte Dewulf
Costume:Sarah Rycken
Make up:Johanna Cool
Sound:Renzy Saerens

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