After Life
2018 - Louay Dabous


Director: Louay Dabous
Producers: Gawan Fagard, Gwendolyn Lootens
Writer: Louay Dabous
Category: Shorts

Title: After Life
Year: 2018
Premiere: 12 May 2018
Original language: no dialogues
Supported by: Kunstenfestivaldesarts


A day in the life of a young man in his small place in a random city, where his days are split between domestic rituals and his connection with other people.


Director Louay Dabous
Producers Gawan Fagard , Gwendolyn Lootens
Writer Louay Dabous
Photography:Louay Dabous
Music:Johann Sebastian Bach
Editing:Louay Dabous
Cast:Bilan Gumus
Sound:Maxime Thomas

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