A Battle for Peace
2014 - Joost Jansen


Director: Joost Jansen
Producers: Eric Goossens, Anton Roebben
Writers: Joost Jansen, Jan Kegels
Category: Animation

Title: A Battle for Peace
Original title: Een strijd om vrede
Year: 2014
Premiere: 14 May 2014
Original language: Dutch
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Flemish Literature Fund (FLF), Kinepolis, Canvas


A soldier goes to the front during World War I, whose horrors make him realise that the enemy is actually war itself. He is transformed into a modern soldier, making the viewer realise there is only one real enemy: ‘modern war’; and only one goal: peace.


Director Joost Jansen
Producers Eric Goossens , Anton Roebben
Writers Joost Jansen , Jan Kegels
Photography:Joost Jansen
Music:Yves De Mey
Editing:Joost Jansen
Cast:Jee Kast (VL), John Boyle (ENG)
Art director:Joost Jansen
Sound:Yves De Mey

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