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2017 -


Category: Shorts, Docs, TV series

Title: 4 x 7
Year: 2017
Premiere: 9 Apr 2017
Original language: Dutch
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


The first series of 4 x 7 aired from September 2016 on Canvas. Each episode contains four seven-minute documentaries preceded by a studio introduction by their filmmakers that can last between one and two minutes. In this introduction, he/she explains why they have chosen the subject and/or way of telling the story. These short documentaries have in common that they must be told by their maker and therefore are not guided by an editor. The subject must be one that is significant to the maker; it must intrigue, frustrate, fascinate, inspire him/her or bring them to tears. Each director can make one single documentary (one-off). It obviously means that diversity is key to the show. In total, during season 2, we have 56 documentaries (14 episodes of new documentaries and two episodes with the Canvas hosts' choice of reappearing stories).


2018: Eén-Canvas Diversity Trophy (BE)


Cast:Klaas Duyck, Leonardo Van Dijl, Isolde Tack, Camiel Nottebaert, Nancy Demeyer, Herman Vanhoutteghem, Jeffrey Meersschaert, Hannes Reckelbusch, Eddy Vandeputte, Hans Roobroeck, Rik Bulckaen, Kayleigh Degreef, Lisa Fonteyne, Elise Hoste, Joke Vanoosthuyse, Vicky Van Muylder, Thomas Dobbelaere, Ruben Vandenberghe, Laurens Clement, Sander D’hespeel, Arthur Zangiev, Mauro vancoillie, Michiel Passchier, Christophe Vandeneynde, Tore Devos, Dylan De Buck, Hanne Nuyttens, Tom Dobbelaere, Cas De Rycker, Nand Hiel, Bob Dierckx, Jeroen Vissenaekens, Lina Nasser, Geert Clerbout, Johan Celen

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