Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets access to

This promotional VOD platform is for professional use only. Access (in part or in full) will be given to foreign professionals (such as buyers, commissioning editors, curators, programmers, publishers, sales agents, …) after a thorough examination of their current status within the audiovisual field.
Flanders Image holds the right of denying someone access to the restricted part of this site, for instance in the following cases:

  • the applicant fails to produce sufficient proof that s/he is active in the audiovisual field
  • the applicant is known for, or involved in a copyright infringement case
  • the registered user has been distributing his personal log-in details to third parties
  • the registered uses has used the site, or (part of) its content in a manner that is in conflict with its terms of use and/or the privacy rules

Am I allowed to use for public screenings?

No, should be seen as a tool for foreign professionals to screen audiovisual creations.
Access to this VOD platform in no way implies that its users are allowed to share its copyright-protected content with third parties, regardless of the platform they use.

All forms of abuse should be immediately reported to: (or in writing to: Flanders Image, p/a Flanders Film House, Bischoffsheimlaan 38, BE-1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Does having access to mean that I can get a film for, let’s say, my festival?

No! When you like the film and would like to schedule it for a festival, we expect you to follow the normal procedures, i.e. to invite the film.
We will then see with the producer/rights holders whether a festival screening is feasible.

While watching a film, everything regularly pauzes! Is there anything that I can do or check to solve this problem?

We’re sorry to hear this because we went at great length to make sure that you would be able to watch films uninterruptedly.
However, all depends from a number of elements that are not under our control, such as bandwidth, distance from the nearest mirror server, etc. What you can do is pause the player and allow the site to buffer a few seconds.
Press play after a minute or so and see if the streaming has improved.
In case this does not help, please describe the specific problem (and give as many details as possible about your computer, your internet connection, your location,… and send this to Flanders Image: