2018 - Kato De Boeck


Director: Kato De Boeck
Producers: RITCS School of Arts, Kato De Boeck
Writer: Kato De Boeck
Category: Shorts

Title: Provence
Year: 2018
Original language: Dutch


During their summer vacation, 11-year-old Camille and her brother Tuur (15) explore the new camping site in Provence. When they meet two Dutch teenage girls, Camille’s admiration for her brother turns into jealousy. A carefree holiday turns into the awakening of adolescence.


Director Kato De Boeck
Producers RITCS School of Arts , Kato De Boeck
Writer Kato De Boeck
Photography:Esmoreit Lutters
Music:Lawrence Paul Foley, Huerco S.
Editing:Lawrence Paul Foley
Cast:Laime De Paep, Pelle Adriaenssens, Otis Domen, Jente Van Den Brenk, Talitha de Boer
Art director:Laura Eyckmans
Costume:Aline Boyen
Make up:Charlotte Blommaert
Sound:Feras Daouk, Fred De Geus

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