2018 - Kato De Boeck


Director: Kato De Boeck
Producers: RITCS School of Arts, Kato De Boeck
Writer: Kato De Boeck
Category: Shorts

Title: Provence
Year: 2018
Original language: Dutch


During summer vacation Camille (11) and her brother Tuur (15) explore the new camping site in Provence. When they meet two Dutch teenage girls, Camille’s admiration for her brother turns into jealousy. A carefree holiday turns into an awakening to adolescence.


Director Kato De Boeck
Producers RITCS School of Arts , Kato De Boeck
Writer Kato De Boeck
Photography:Esmoreit Lutters
Music:Lawrence Paul Foley, Huerco S.
Editing:Lawrence Paul Foley
Cast:Laime De Paep, Pelle Adriaenssens, Otis Domen, Jente Van Den Brenk, Talitha de Boer
Art director:Laura Eyckmans
Costume:Aline Boyen
Make up:Charlotte Blommaert
Sound:Feras Daouk, Fred De Geus

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