Ours is a Country of Words
2017 - Mathijs Poppe


Director: Mathijs Poppe
Producer: KASK School of Arts
Writer: Mathijs Poppe
Category: Docs

Title: Ours is a Country of Words
Year: 2017
Premiere: 14 Oct 2017
Original language:


Ours is a Country of Words is filmed in Shatila, a refugee camp built in Lebanon when thousands of Palestinians fled their country in 1948. The story begins at an undetermined moment in the future, when the dream of the Palestinian refugees to go back to Palestine becomes reality. The film treads a thin line between fiction and documentary, dream and reality. Families prepare for their fictional return, while it slowly becomes clear that this dream is far removed from their daily life in the camp. Through the words they use as actors to talk about the dream of returning to their homeland, we can understand more deeply what it means to them to live in exile.


Director Mathijs Poppe
Producer KASK School of Arts
Writer Mathijs Poppe
Photography:Mathijs Poppe
Editing:Mathijs Poppe
Cast:Jamal Hendawi, Mohammad Abbas, Mohammad Zayat, Naim Abbas, Mohammad Hassan, Mona Hendawi, Farah Hendawi, Hanan Hendawi, Omran Kablawi
Sound:Ben De Raes, David Slotema, Ernst Van Hagen

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