If Only for a Moment
2017 - Sophie Kurpershoek


Director: Sophie Kurpershoek
Producer: Sophie Kurpershoek
Writer: Sophie Kurpershoek
Category: Shorts

Title: If Only for a Moment
Original title: Al was het maar voor even
Year: 2017
Premiere: 17 Jul 2017
Original language: Dutch


Astrid, a young artist, has turned her back on the world and, in a deserted landscape, works on a piece of land-art. Days pass and her loneliness becomes stifling until she meets eccentric geologist Emily. Quickly they form a deep connection. Far away from the real world, in a wild and beautiful environment, they can fantasise, dream and philosophise carelessly. Their lives seem temporarily idyllic.


Director Sophie Kurpershoek
Producer Sophie Kurpershoek
Writer Sophie Kurpershoek
Photography:Xavier Van D'huynslager
Editing:Pieter De Naegel
Cast:Charlotte De Bruyne, Sallie Harmsen
Art director:Laura Eyckmans, Khaël Velders
Costume:Laura Van Haecke
Sound:Michel Coquette, Ruben De Winther

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