George & Paul
2017 - Erik Verkerk, Joost Van Den Bosch


Title: George & Paul
Year: 2017
Original language: Dutch, English
Supported by: the VAF/Media Fund, Screen Flanders, Nederlands Mediafonds


In the world of George and Paul, everything - including themselves - is created out of wooden blocks. George and Paul have many great adventures, in which they use their environment to create things and to solve problems. In their world, everything is possible; it all depends on the creativity, technical skills and imagination of these two friends. In the end, everything in life comes down to having fun. Enjoy it and think positive!


Directors Erik Verkerk, Joost Van Den Bosch
Producers Steven De Beul , Ben Tesseur , Koen Vermaanen
Writers Jimmy Simons , Marc Veerkamp
Photography:Steven Frederickx
Music:Sander Houtman
Cast:Dutch VO - Thomas van Luijn Flemish VO - Stany Crets
Sound:Sander Houtman

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