De Flandrien
2017 - Kinshuk Surjan


Director: Kinshuk Surjan
Producer: LUCA School of Arts
Writer: Kinshuk Surjan
Category: Shorts

Title: De Flandrien
Year: 2017
Original language: Dutch


In the far West Flemish villages of Belgium, cycling is a serious family affair like farming. Expertise goes from generation to generation. In the Vandenborre family - parents, uncles, grandparents - are all pushing 16-year-old Matthias to become a pro cyclist-Flandrien. Matthias doesn’t want to let down his family but the adolescent is also facing the big questions of life and he is in love. How will he manage the burden of expectations?


2017: VAF Wildcard - Documentary


Director Kinshuk Surjan
Producer LUCA School of Arts
Writer Kinshuk Surjan
Photography:Ivo Nelis
Editing:Kinshuk Surjan, Ines Denhollander
Sound:Guillaume Vienne

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