Behind The Clouds
2016 - Cecilia Verheyden


Director: Cecilia Verheyden
Producer: Peter Bouckaert
Writer: Michaël De Cock
Category: Features

Title: Behind The Clouds
Original title: Achter de wolken
Year: 2016
Premiere: 4 Feb 2016
Original language: Dutch
Supported by: the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


Two people meet again after more than 40 years. Once they were lovers but their lives took different paths: she married his best friend; he married another woman. Now, they are both single again and fall in love for a second time. Is it possible to experience a love you left 40 years ago?


2017: First Feature Award - Washington DC International Film Festival (US)


Director Cecilia Verheyden
Producer Peter Bouckaert
Writer Michaël De Cock
Photography:Brecht Goyvaerts
Music:Steve Willaert
Editing:Philippe Ravoet
Cast:Chris Lomme, Jo De Meyere, Katelijne Verbeke, Charlotte De Bruyne, Lucas Van den Eynde
Sound:God in Klankrijk
Art director:Bart Van Loo
Costume:Vanessa Evrard
Make up:Esther De Goey

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