Ayan and the White Balloon
2015 - Vida Dena


Director: Vida Dena
Producer: School of Arts | KASK
Writer: Vida Dena
Category: Shorts, Docs, Lab

Title: Ayan and the White Balloon
Original title: آیان و بادکنک سفید
Year: 2015
Premiere: 28 Oct 2015
Original language: Persian


The white balloon goes back to her home country of Iran after five years of living in Europe to ask her old friends to play in her film. Looking for spontaneous collaborations in troublesome moments, she requests that they reenact scenes of bribery. To her surprise, her friends are reluctant to help her, blaming her for going along with European stereotypes. Frustrated by this, the white balloon gets into a fight with her best friend Ayan.


Director Vida Dena
Producer School of Arts | KASK
Writer Vida Dena
Photography:Pooyan F
Music:Emad Kh
Editing:Dieter Diependaele, Vida Dena
Cast:Golnar, Arghavan, Ayan, Siavash, Emad, Farhad, Mehrnaz, Pooyan
Art director:Vida Dena
Sound:Michel Coquette, Milad M

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