Another Planet
2017 - Amir Yatziv


Director: Amir Yatziv
Producers: Amir Yatziv, Jonathan Doweck
Writers: Amir Yatziv, Elad Weingrod
Category: Docs, Animation

Title: Another Planet
Year: 2017
Premiere: 25 Jan 2017
Original language: German, Polish, Hebrew
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


A journey to the depths of imagination and reconstructed memory in one of the most emotionally-charged sites of the 20th century. A state prosecutor, gamers, a graphic designer, a historian and an architect are using the tools of the future to investigate the past. They wander inside the virtual worlds of their own creation. Created as a mosaic of encounters inside the virtual models of Auschwitz, the film reveals the obsession with memory and with the ‘Other Planet’.


Director Amir Yatziv
Producers Amir Yatziv , Jonathan Doweck
Writers Amir Yatziv , Elad Weingrod
Photography:Amir Yatziv
Editing:Didier Volckaert

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